Service Offerings
Novawood specializes in Agile and process transformation, but we also offer many other services, some of which are listed below.  If you want to know more about other offerings or want to discuss a specific need, feel free to reach out here!
     •   Organizational Transformation
     •   Team and Certification Trainings
     •   Product or Project Kickoffs
     •   Team Alignment
     •   Agile or Process Practice Workshops
     •   Roadmap Planning
     •   Dependency and Impediment Management Workshops
     •   ...And much more!

Coaching and Mentoring
Throughout my career, I have worked with many working professionals planning to transition to the Agile, project management, or program management fields and successfully helped them navigate the transition.  If you are interested in taking the first, second, or final step to transitioning into a new career, Novawood can help you accomplish your goals.  You can get in touch for an initial consultation here.
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