About Novawood
Novawood LLC was founded in 2023 by Tyler Grant, to provide management consulting services both in the greater Washington DC area, and remotely.  Owner and operator Tyler has a decade of experience in the commercial and federal markets, providing high level coaching, organizational transformation, and mentoring services to a myriad of clients.  He is ready to help your organization grow, change, and deliver more effectively.  If you'd like to discuss your your status quo, your delivery impediments, training needs, or coaching opportunities, feel free to reach out to Novawood here for a free consultation.  And for real feedback from leaders and individuals about the kind of work that Novawood is committed to accomplishing, check out the quotes below!
Client and Mentee Testimonials

"I had no formal on-the-job training before working with Tyler, I wasn’t sure what it even meant to be “Agile”.  As we got into working together on a team, he showed me ways to get better every day and really conceptualize the art of being an agilest. While learning under Tyler, he gave tremendous insight into what it really takes to be the leader of a team."  
-Justin, Current Agilist, Former Mentee

"Tyler is a passionate problem solver,  He will creatively and collaboratively work on increasing team efficiency.  He continues to iterate to achieve ongoing incremental improvements.” 
-Faye, Program Director, Co-worker

"Tyler immediately volunteered to be my mentor when I first piqued interest in Agile, and he did nothing but an amazing job! Tyler came to every meeting enthusiastic, attentive, patient, and extremely knowledgeable! Tyler was an incredible coach by letting me shadow him, sharing beneficial resources, and helpful trainings/readings, and letting me even step into his shoes to test out everything I learned from him. I worked with Tyler for around a year and am still always using techniques that he taught me." 
-Carrie, Program Management Specialist, Former Mentee

“I worked with Tyler when I was exploring a big career change. He was immensely helpful - answering my questions and offering guidance and reassurance as needed. Tyler was a great communicator throughout the entire process, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to turn to him again when facing a challenge.” 
-Holly, Project Manager, Former Mentee
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